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Some pictures draw game concepts like the steps to build IRONSKY game from design ideas to video game programming. The first drawings of the IRONSKY to form later special versions. Some sketches of the spacecraft, its characters and details.


The main character in the game.

As a role-playing character in the game, do the quests in the game as well as upgrade yourself.


Spaceship, depicting one of the types of enemy spacecraft that the protagonist has to face in space.

ironsky_nft_boss 1.jpg

Boss spacecraft

Special airship, depicting one of the enemy's types of airships that have strong combat power. The main character in the game when on missions will have more difficulty to overcome them.

Detail UI of the spaceship

The detailed visuals of the spaceship are cut apart before programming them in the game.

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 2.45.31 PM.png

Coding UI game play

Programming game play on the Unity platform. The images, effects of characters, spacecraft, or details in the game are coded.

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