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✍️IronSky ISPO Program
The IronSky game project is pleased to announce to the Cardano community the ISKY ISPO program (issuing ISKY tokens to the public through the staking wallets).
IronSky is a game project funded by the Cardano Foundation from the Catalyst Fund8 program to transparently build in-game characters, items, and economies based on the Cardano blockchain.
IronSky game players experience the feeling of conquering targets in the sky and getting points and items through Battle Stages  from easy to difficult.
ISKY tokens and items in NFT are currently being traded on the Item Market The project spends 50 million ISKY, equivalent to 5% of the maximum total supply, to issue to the Cardano community through the form of ISPO in 8 years from 2022-2030

✍️ ISKY ISPO Program:
👉 In 2023, the project will allocate 16,000,000 ISKY over 5 rounds:
🎯 V1 allocates 1,000,000 ISKY on 22/01/2023
🎯 V2 allocates 2,000,000 ISKY on 12/04/2023
🎯 V3 allocates 3,000,000 ISKY on July 1, 2023
🎯 V4 allocates 4,000,000 ISKY on September 19, 2023
🎯 V5 allocates 6,000,000 ISKY on 12/25/2023

✍️ISPO Rules 2023 Round 1
👉 Last 5 epochs, from 383 (December 27, 2022) to 387 (January 16, 2023).
👉 Allocate 1,000,000 ISKY to participants, 200,000 ISKY each epoch.
  The estimated ISKY received by each wallet will vary per epoch as it depends on the total ADA in the eligible wallets for each epoch.
For example Epoch 383 has 10 million ADA snapshot, but only 2 million ADA in wallets Send ISKY request, 1000 ADA wallet will receive 100 ISKY.

💥💥💥Get ISKY, without sharing reward💥💥💥
  ADA holders will receive ISKY tokens without having to share the trust reward.

⏰ December 20, 2022: Start - rules announcement
⏰ 24/12/2022: End of pool registration
⏰ December 25, 2022: Pool list announced
⏰ December 27, 2022: Snapshot of the first epoch
⏰ 16/01/2023: Snapshot of the last epoch
⏰ 20/01/2023: Deadline to submit a request to receive tokens
⏰ 22/01/2023: Token Payment - End

✍️Which pool is eligible for ISPO?:
✅ Active stake: Take a snapshot of at least 100,000 ADA at epoch 381 and maintain during 5 epoch round 1.
✅ Lifetime blocks: Closed at least 1 block.
✅ Delegators: At least 10 wallets > 10 ADA snapshots at epoch 381.
✅ Margin fee: The pool's variable fee is set to no more than 2%
✅ Pool owner have to register to participate via the website: before 18:00 on 25/12/2022 Vietnam time.
  The list of participating pools will be listed at on December 26, 2022.

✍️What to do to receive ISKY?
1) ADA holders have to delegate in 1 of ISPO pools at least 1epochs,  reward will be calculated for each epoch
2) How to receive ISKY: Valid wallet and pool owner. (pledge wallet) need to send 2 ADA to the wallet address (the wallet address will be announced later) between January 16, 2023 - January 20, 2023. The ADA amount after deducting the transaction fee will be returned to the original wallet along with the corresponding amount of ISKY.

✍️ Reward:
👉 Eligible wallets will be announced at on January 21, 2023, after which participants can check the estimated ISKY received.
👉 The ISPO operation team will send ISKY tokens to the wallets that have submitted a request to receive ISKY on January 22, 2023 (ie the 1st of the Lunar New Year).
🎶🎵☕️☕️☕️ End of Round 1.

✍️These below pool have been enrolled the program:

.. comming up more pools

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